hidden yuck

Sometimes it takes the post of a fellow blogger to jog your mind out of writer’s block.  Today that happened when I read a post from Kami Melton at http://racingtolive.wordpress.com titled “Jasmine Tea.”  It was a picture on the post that took my mind back to what happened last week; a picture she had  accidently taken of her window sill where there were dead flies, a spider and some dirt…hidden yuck.

Since spring has arrived, I decided last week to let some fresh air into the house by raising several  windows.  As I reached under the blinds, which I had dusted the other day, my hand hit the hidden yuck…the spider webby, dusty, dead insect yucky stuff  that accumulates on the narrow window ledge.  The lower  window sill was clean, but this area showed months of neglect.  I thought I was a better housekeeper than that, but the forinsic evidence was there in front of me.

Upon seeing that window, I knew it mirrored life.  The life we keep tidy.  The life others see.  The life we broadcast and is up for inspection. The life that sometimes holds hidden yuck somewhere underneath.  The yuck of doubt.  The yuck of hidden sin.  The yuck we would rather forget about on days we feel so clean.

Adam and Eve tried to hide the yuck of diobedience from God.  David tried to hide the yuck of lust and murder.  Don’t we do the same? 

Maybe that is why we have something we call Spring Cleaning….the attempt to move, touch and shake things that have not been moved, touched or shaked during  the months of winter.  We do those things to find the hidden yuck that has built up through time.  Our souls should endure the same inspection.  No wonder David prays to God by saying, “Search me, O God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” (Psalm 139: 23-24)  It is like David was saying , “God, lift up the blinds of my heart and find the yuck!”

The great thing about the cleansing that takes place after the yuck is found is when you lift the window to the sunlight and air.  The freshness of spring comes into the home and the freshness of God’s forgiving breath comes to the soul. A clean heart and a renewed spirit is worth the scrub.


About 2b14u

I'm just a person. A person who has learned a lot of truth in the darkest days of life. The truth that glimmered, flashed and at times broke through like a day's dawn all came from the hands of a mighty God. His light makes the darkness worth it. To know my background, visit my posts titled "Jack-in-the-Box" and "Jack's Still Jumping"- Feb. 2012.
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4 Responses to hidden yuck

  1. K. R. Melton says:

    So true! I love your take on things. Isn’t it interesting that this is the liturgical season of Lent, a time for reflection, repentance, and seeking God? I love Spring. 🙂
    Could you include some original pictures? I love to pin up pictures on Pinterest, and when I do, the pictures point back to the original site they were taken from.


  2. buckwheatsrisk says:

    food for thought for sure!


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