face time


The Spirit stirs my heart asking me just how much do I want God?

I want a better country…but do I want God? I want more economic freedom…but do I want God? I want unity in the church…but do I want God? I want the morality of a better time…but do I want God? I want grace, mercy and forgiveness…but do I want God?

I can’t decide. I have that microwaved, fast food, four lane mentality that ease, rest, security and peace should come as I order it. Let me pick and choose what I consume in life.

Yet, Gethsemane is the wall I must examine. It stands as a monument of a life that wanted God…His kingdom…His will…more than anything else…above life itself. That is what I am called toward. The mind of Christ. The fellowship of His suffering. The fear of God. The mercy of God. All of it bids that I come and find His order, His security, His way. I must…we must…want Him more than life.

It is time to seek His face and nothing else.

About 2b14u

I'm just a person. A person who has learned a lot of truth in the darkest days of life. The truth that glimmered, flashed and at times broke through like a day's dawn all came from the hands of a mighty God. His light makes the darkness worth it. To know my background, visit my posts titled "Jack-in-the-Box" and "Jack's Still Jumping"- Feb. 2012.
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2 Responses to face time

  1. Well spoken truth ~ Amen :Y


  2. isaiah41v10 says:

    Yes, this is the key. Anything else is distraction, or worse, idolatry.


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